Chinese Market to get Super Galaxy Note 7 with 6GB RAM & 128GB Storage

Samsung to unveil Galaxy Note 7 next week Friday in China, this time around the Chinese market is getting Super Note 7, why I said Super is because the variant sports 6GB RAM and 128Gb Storage instead of 4GB, 64GB storage for rest of the world.


Samsung took a smart move here to combat Chinese market as several Chinese home base smartphone manufacturers are offering 6GB RAM already, Samsung didn’t want to gamble on that, otherwise it might fall back on them.

One thing that’s not clear is whether the price will be reasonable and competitive enough within and outside China.  

Super Galaxy Note 7 will be dual-sim and still support microSD card and it’s going to be powered by snapdragon 820. The official launch date is 26th, 17:00 China local time.

I doubt if the phone will be release internationally and Samsung didn’t make any official statement about it.