Bumpers | 6 secs YouTube unskippable Ads format.

It’s no news anymore that Google makes their money from Ads, Many people don’t like Ads for various reasons whatever your reasons are unfortunately you’ll have the endure the patient of 6 seconds if bump into bumpers while watching YouTube Video.

In the Adwords blog that announced the format Product Manager Zach Lupei compares these Bumper ads to video haikus. Current ads placed before videos are often full-length ads that can be skipped after a few seconds. However, these ads have a hard cap of 6 seconds, making them more like Vine videos than traditional ads.

YouTube is aiming this app at mobile users, who tend to prefer “snackable” content, so you can expect these short-form ads to start hitting your smartphones and tablets sometime soon. However, you can always opt out of the ads by snagging a Google Play Music/YouTube Red subscription, which actually brings you a lot of bang for your buck.