Barclays Announces Contactless Payment to rival Android App, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay

Barclays seems to be on the other side of the road when it comes to Mobile Payment System, Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay we know, none of the organization are banking institution.

Barclays think it a good idea for the company to runs its own Mobile Payment System thanks contactless and NFC, as the banking institution just announced, it will be releasing a banking app in June with support for a “Contactless Mobile” payment system.

Barclayscard tecmental

Meanwhile the app is going to be an update to the existing Barclays bank app with support for NFC payments. The app is smart enough to determine if a phone supports NFC and allow users to purchase up to £30 of goods by simply tapping their mobile against a payment terminal without needing to unlock the phone or open the app.

Contactless Mobile is going to support payments between £30-£100 by tapping the device against the terminal, entering a PIN in the app and then tapping the phone again.

Barclays has already had NFC-supported payments in its Barclaycard app for credit card customers, but Contactless Mobile will work for both credit and debit card holders. Barclays will advise customers when the feature becomes available sometime next month.