Apple Unveils Apple Watch Series 2

This is definitely gonna a game changer, it fully water proof with powerful functionalities.

Dual core processor 50% faster than the previous watch, new GPU that support 60frames per seconds, the brightest display Apple ever made with built in GPS.

Apple introduced white ceramic watch

Apple is offering Hermes model

Brighter, faster and water resistant and it runs watch OS3

Apple watch series 2 will be priced at $369

Apple Watch Nike Plus

Apple and Nike partnered to design customised Nike watch, specifically built for runner, A perfect running partner, both company claims is the best running  device on the market, it’s available in four colors.

Apple watch Nike Plus will be priced at $369



other key features

  • 500,000 games in App Store
  • Pokémon Go for Apple Watch
  • Apple music have grown over 17 million subscriber.