Apple announced new Apple Music API

Apple has announced a new Apple Music API, the API will let developers to control Apple Music playback within their own apps. Developers can use the API to do things like line up a new song, or create a new playlist with its own title and description.

Apple claims, the Apple Music API allows for the following:

  • Developers can see if a user is currently a member
  • Developers can see which country the users account is based
  • Developers can queue up the next song or songs based on a song ID for playback
  • Developers can inspect playlists already in My Music or create a new playlists with a title and description (see App Store Review Guidelines for limitation)

Apple has made a number of procedures that developers should follow regarding intellectual property, in-app purchases, and more.

For instance, apps using the new API will need to use the standard media controls. Additionally, you will not be able to monetize access to Apple Music, either through in-app purchase, advertising, or other means.