Another Xiaomi Max exploded in China

Is not getting funny anymore, smartphone is meant for various purposes, it’s a gadget a lot of people use for media consumption, not a life threatening device. If smartphone kept exploding then what’s the point spending our money on them.


Samsung Galaxy Note 7 sales and distribution was suspended due to explosions.

Xiaomi phone have been caught on camera exploding, this is another case of Xiaomi Max phone though this wasn’t caught on camera but you can see the aftermath of the inferno.

Ms. Mao who had to be the owner of the Xiaomi Max said she was charging the phone before it burst into flames causing severe damages to her apartment in China city near Xian.


Xiaomi haven’t make any comment on this issue, judging from the past event, their excuse was because third party charger was used, and regardless I think this is going to be a setback for smartphone OEMs especially those Chinese smartphone markers and they need to understand People’s life matter over profit.