Allo – Google’s New Messaging App

Allo is Google’s new messaging app, the app will use your contact list phone number similar to what WhatsApp is using.

Google Allo features stickers and emoji with a feature called Whisper-Shout. Whisper-Shout will lets you resize text by dragging up and down on the screen, what Google is saying here is that you can express your within the Allo app itself , you can also draw images with a feature called Ink.

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Also there’s a feature Smart Replies which Allo takes a page from Inbox’ book, for example if someone invites you for lunch – you are offered two quick lines of text that let you accept or refuse the invite. This also works with pictures!

Moving on to Assistant, Google built the virtual assistant right into Allo. Continuing the dinner example, you can use Allo to reserve a restaurant together with your friend. All the booking happens within the app.

Lastly, Allo features an incognito mode: while in incognito, you get end-to-end encryption, private notifications, and expiring chats. Once you close it, your private chats are gone forever.

Allo is coming later this summer on Android and iOS but you can pre-register here.