A new Leaked image of Xiaomi VR headset

It’s about time Xiaomi launch its first VR headset, if you ask me I’d say Xiaomi want to be everywhere, the company wanna have every piece of tech.

A leak phone of Xiaomi’s VR headset got leaked before launch, the price is unknown but we expect it no to be higher than $99. The VR headset will surely be popular when it hit the market because Xiaomi has a brand is dominating China market already.

From the leaked image it doesn’t reveal much except the color and design, but come to think of it most China VR headset just serves as 3D glasses whereby you have to put your smartphone inside, and there’s no doubt that this will use same method.

Except Xiaomi will have two variant of which they second one will be standalone VR headset meaning it will have inbuilt display and RAM and CPU, if that happens, then obviously I’d expect that variant to cost more.

In few more days we’ll know the full details of the VR headset which Xiaomi is set to announce at their press conference soon.

Xiaomi VR headset tecmental