360 Q5 launched: 6GB RAM, SD820, 3D video recording & inbuilt Security Chip

Another Chinese tech company have joined the league of dual-camera, 360 Mobiles used to be known as Qiku just announced three variants, 360 Q5 and 360 Q5 Plus. (4GB and 6GB)

They are both powered by snapdragon CPU, the big brother have the lion share of CPU using snapdragon 820 while leaving the little one with snapdragon 625

360 Q5 tecmental 1

When it comes to design and look, they are similar, what differentiate them is the CPU, screen size and RAM. The 360 Q5 is a 5.5-inch 1080p Full-HD display, powered by Snapdragon 625, 4GB RAM and a massive storage of 128GB storage. While the big bro with snapdragon 820 also have the same storage size but 6-inch 1080p Full-HD, you have options of RAM, 4GB RAM or 6GB RAM.

360 Q5 tecmental 1.png

They both have dual-camera sensor at the back, 13MP and an RGB + monochrome setup and can be used to take 3D videos, the selfie camera is also 13MP and it sports a front facing flash. 3200mAh battery for Q5 and 3700mAh battery for Q5 Plus with QC 3.0 other features include USB Type-C port, fingerprint sensor at the back, but there is another selling point why you should consider buying the 360 Q5, it’s the security features.

360 Q5 tecmental 2.png

360 Mobile claims they have equipped a security hardware chip in the device, infact the chip is military grade which makes it unbreakable. 360 Q5 will have a special private space, independent from the normal storage wherein you can add third party apps as well and encrypt all data storage. Call and text are also cncrypted. Hackers will find it hard to steal your data and if someone tries to force your data out of 360 Q5, the device will lock automatically.

Pricing: 360 Q5 with snapdragon 625 will be priced at $300, Snapdragon 820, 4GB RAM will be priced at $331 while 6GB RAM will be priced at $421, the phone is expected to hit the market next month.