Samsung Galaxy S8 Real Photo Leaked

It’s about time we start to see more and more leaked image of Galaxy S8, the event is drawing nearer day by day, even though no official word from Samsung about the event date, rumor earlier suggested that Samsung will announce the phone in February and another rumor claims the date is scheduled for April 18.

Anyway, the picture here right above, is the latest leak about the Galaxy S8, in fact this could be the Galaxy S8 we gonna be seeing in the nearest future, the image shows that the smartphone maintains it dual curved edge screen, physical home button seems to be gone, you probably wondering about the fingerprint sensor right? Thinking is placed at the back, no the fingerprint sensor is placed right in the screen and this is called ultrasonic fingerprint sensor.
Another thing noticed is the Samsung imprint, it has been repositioned to the bottom part of the phone to create more room for infrared Iris scanner.
Galaxy is S8 I rumored to come in two variant, 5-inch and 6-inch with 8GB RAM (which I doubt anyway), and to feature UFS2.1 storage, the 6-inch rumored to have S-pen as Samsung is trying to bring Note 7 fan back on track.
That’s all for now, but please mind you, this rumor could be true or false.